SGP: No to abortion and no assisted suicide

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The SGP puts in the election presented today a familiar course of which the party itself characterizes as fresh classic but with an eye to the future. The motto of the election was: Vote for life.


The program was presented shortly before the Week of life in which Christian organizations to draw attention to the protection of unborn life.

Pram Bonus
The SGP aims to protect vulnerable life and hear good care of everyone there. So leader Kees van der Staaij calls for more hands to the bed, but also for investments, for example a 3D printer techniques that an unborn child with spina bifida can already be helped during pregnancy.

In order to offer families the space, the Reformed Political Party wants to introduce a bonus of 1,000 euros after the birth of their first child. The party itself speaks about a "baby bonus", which is intended as a boost for the new parents to make substantial costs in the period, for example by setting up the nursery.

The bonus does not aim to birth more children, says Van der Staaij, which also calls to further increase the child.

The SGP leader further hard makes for a safe Netherlands. This requires 3 to 4 billion more for defense and there will be 5,000 agents in to tackle everyday crime and prevent terrorism.,, Netherlands has become very dangerous rapidly. Freedom comes at a price and we will have to pay, '' said Van der Staaij.

SGP also wants another Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature. Should include the farmer's obligation so that he is not stuck in the European conference circuit, but know how she works on the farm, on the cutter and in the greenhouses.

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