Beatrix Hospital is best in the country

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TOP 100 HOSPITAL It Rivas Beatrix Hospital in Gorinchem is the best hospital in the country. The new edition of the AD Hospital Top 100 appear tomorrow.


The Beatrix Hospital scores well on many of the 38 elements on which hospitals are assessed, including two key points of the Health Care Inspectorate. They are caring for vulnerable elderly patients and monitoring of drug use. Thus, in many operations involved a geriatrician and control malnutrition and delirium in the elderly in order.

The Beatrix Hospital monitors almost all patients on admission and discharge on medication. The audit of the medication patients can prevent many medical problems.

medication Control
The data of the Top 100 shows that approximately 40 percent of hospitals have not yet adequately addressed the drug control. Also keep fifteen hospitals are not the medical standard for bladder cancer surgery, a hospital must have enough experience to see and do at least twenty operations a year. Fifteen of the 48 patients with bladder cancer hospitals took in 2015 not standard.

The Beatrix Hospital late last couple of years this kind of complex operations on larger hospitals. By focusing on basic care, the hospital can in that area provide good quality.

With common routine operations is the quality good, like gall bladder surgery and hip surgery. The hospital achieves the only one in the list, the full four points for taking good care around malnutrition.

The AD Hospital Top 100 uses data from the Health Inspectorate, which hospitals are obliged to provide. Hospitals are evaluated on 38 different aspects that are a sectional view of the treatment in hospitals, such as oncology, cardiology, hip operations and the quality of the nursing staff.

By Editors AD: Photo: Shody Careman

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