Marines: No regrets bloody action at The Point

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Marines train hijacking at De Punt have ended in 1977, finding it ridiculous that relatives accusing them of having executed two hijackers. Today, the court must


Nearly 40 years after hijacking the train they are still fully behind their actions . They explained to this newspaper. It is the first time that they speak publicly about their actions at the time. At liberation, six of the nine hijackers death. Even two passengers hostage were killed.

,, We have done a good job, '' said Marine Rinus, who is the only female hijacker, Hansina Uktolseja shot dead. ,, I do not regret anything. We hijackers executed is nonsense. ''

Bert Stoelhorst, who participated as a military nurse to the assault, is still proud of the work they have done there that day. ,, No one has asked to hijack a train. Then you should not be surprised if there is forcefully intervened to save the lives of the passengers. ''

The suggestion that the hijackers were to be executed , is absolute nonsense, according to the military. It is not only the families of hijackers who wish to demonstrate to the court in The Hague.

autopsy Reports
Survivors rely on autopsy reports made in 2013, the surviving train hijacker Yunus Ririmasse and journalist Jan Beckers public. From this they conclude that some hijackers close were shot while they were switched off. Marine Rinus: ,, If they think I'm guilty, but they have to prove ".

Last month brought one anonymous marine outboard that the Moluccan could not survive the storming of the train. According to him, spoke to a representative of the government this wish during the briefing for the rescue operation.

Other soldiers now vigorously deny that the killing of the hijackers was starting and that mission came from someone from the government. ,, Especially not, '' said Stoelhorst. ,, We were allowed to use any means necessary to stop the hijacking. But if the kidnappers would surrender we would overpower them. And that's what happened when three hijackers. ''

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