FEBO wants to work with HEMA make the sausage croquette

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HEMA and FEBO his birthday. This year, the two companies 90 and 75 years old respectively. FEBO believes that reason for a party and wants to work with the HEMA ,, the ultimate traditional Dutch snack 'creation: the sausage croquette.


,, Our hero, the authentic FEBO croquette, combined with the famous HEMA smoked sausage - who would not want that, '' said Dennis de Borst, director of FEBO?. The intention is that the outside of the croquette remains the same, but that there is inside cubes smoked sausage sit in the ragout. According to a spokesman for the sausage croquette has even been created and tested. ,, Everyone who has tested it, found it very tasty. ''

Push through
The idea has already submitted via Facebook at HEMA. But unfortunately the company does not respond positively. ,, As discussed we lend not our smoked sausage. He has been ninety years, our best friend, and we are very careful with, '' HEMA writes in response to the Facebook message.

The FEBO does not give up. After an internal conversation they decided to continue the action, hoping HEMA together with the Netherlands to get. Tuesday the two companies talk by phone about the idea together. And the Netherlands can listen and -watch. The call will include broadcast live at 17:00 on Facebook .

Of course, there must still be a name chosen for the new snack. Consumers in the Netherlands may choose Facebook from two names, namely "Krook Sausage" or "Rooket.

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