For Sam the Beatrix Hospital is a second home

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HOSPITAL TOP 100 They have a warm relationship with the winner of the AD Hospital Top 100: the 'ziekenhuisroutiniers "chronically ill for whom the first floor of the Beatrix Hospital feels like a second home.


Sam van Ingen (17) once every three months to report the diabetes clinic of the Beatrix Hospital, he gets a hug from secretary Sonja. ,, I come from an early age here on. That creates a bond. "" For fifteen years, as long as he has diabetes-one, Sam is at home in Gorkum hospital. Every day, he must inject insulin to regulate its blood glucose levels. If there is anyone who does so disciplined, they say at the clinic, then Sam is. He pricks, takes his blood values and watching his diet.

,, Diabetes is also structured life: knowing what and when I eat and how I deal with it.Around my 12th I learned to accept that I have diabetes and I did not come from. '' The guidance in the Beatrix Hospital, part of the Rivas Care Group, is crucial. Sam talks praised his "diabetes team." The now retired Dr. van der Silk, which even gave his home number so he could always be called in an emergency. His current doctor Lubbers, diabetes nurses Cora and Marleen, dietician Ella.

,, It is not convenient if you have every time another doctor. Now you can build a relationship of trust. Then it is for a child more comfortable to go to the hospital. '' In November, Sam 18. He does not go to the brightly painted children's ward, but he can control the internist to Ling Polyclinic in his hometown Leerdam. Yet once he makes the solid round tour along "his" team: in the week before the visit even just read the insulin pump and blood glucose meters and blood samples in the lab to monitor HbA1c and cholesterol. The following week, on the day of the surgery, it is time for the familiar welcome hug from Sonja. ,, I will miss them.They have been part of my life. They asked me at ease and are always available. ''

That is consistent with the keywords of the Beatrix Hospital and 'close' 'concerned'. It is a pleasant area hospital that offers thousands of patients from the surrounding care. As a acquaintances which you meet on the way, where hosts and hostesses with orange ties your welcome and RS send. And where in the quiet hours of the afternoon when a visitor climbs the piano, hot music fills the central hall. The Beatrix wants to remain approachable, friendly and personal. The time that people sometimes weeks 'in room' layers is over. In the hospital takes an inpatient average of 4.6 days. But they are plentiful, loyal patients who regularly come into the hospital.

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