Judge for yourself: this is the plan of Geert Wilders

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Call. This is the map of Geert Wilders. About how to proceed with the Netherlands. What Do You Think? We would like to know. Send your response to 300 words to brieven@ad.nl. We publish an anthology in the newspaper on Monday.


Pim Fortuyn, the hero of Rotterdam, the man who shook the country awake, once said, "Do not go out of the possible, but the imaginable." He wanted to make clear that for us, Dutch, nothing is impossible.

Pim Fortuyn was right. Nothing is impossible for us. We are Dutchmen.

Look at our country. We have created this unique and beautiful country. We are the only people in the world lives in a country that has largely created. A great achievement.

We created not only our own country but we also explored the world. We sailed all the seas.We have founded New York and discovered Australia. Sometimes it seems that we all have forgotten that. Forget what we are capable of. What we all can if we want. And maybe that's our problem. We must dare to think big again. For where there is a will there is a way.

And yes, I know. There is a lot to annoy us. There is also much to be angry about right. This government has cut back to nothing our country, and allow our country to be colonized by Islam. But let's start from the thinkable. Let us liberate our country.

Four years ago, Mark Rutte won the election with a campaign based on false promises.With lies and deceit. No money to the Greeks, 1000 for all Dutch, a stricter immigration policy. And the Labour Party was the enemy, you know it's all still there. He offered recently apologized for, but he drew no conclusions. Instead, he said sorry but just continues to break down and giving away our country. Maybe he will reign again another four years with the Labour Party. No one can believe his word for it. And my question to you is: To further such a prime minister four years?

You now live in the land of Mark Rutte. And that's not an attractive country anymore. But just get out the front door and look around you. Chances are it's at the entrance to the neighborhood store gear. That you are there and spit robbed. Your daughters, your wives, and parents are harassed and night no longer dare go out. Become a stranger in your own country. That must change. Because this is our country. And it's taken away from you. And I take it back for you.

A politician like me, who speaks the truth about a huge problem many Dutch are confronted with every day - yes, I'm talking about the terror of Islam and Moroccan problem - is dragged to court. As accused in the dock, while hate imams quiet can go ahead and silence the political elite. They call themselves leaders, but they do not lead; they deceive.

Mark Rutte's plan can be summarized in one word: Dereliction of duty.
My plan called for Netherlands: Liberation. And liberation begins with naming the facts.

The facts: Six in ten inmates in the Netherlands, immigrants and of all prisoners is more than 10% of Moroccan origin. Moroccan youth are nearly five times more often suspected of a crime than native youths. Netherlands has become one continuous live broadcast of Investigation Requested. A politician who remains silent is the cut for the nose not worth it. I refuse to do that.

And I will not mention Islam. Never, ever. Because silence is dangerous. Last July died Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. I could personally meet him a few years ago in New York. He gave the world a lesson: "When people say they want to murder you, you have to believe them." Islam says to want to murder us. The Qur'an leaves no doubt about that.

Seven out of ten Dutch Muslim religious rules will outweigh the Dutch secular laws. And more than one in ten Muslims in the Netherlands finds it acceptable to use violence from Islam. That's more than 100,000 people. Many refuse to integrate and show no respect for Dutch authority in areas such as Maassluis or Poelenburg. We get the middle finger. Muslim hooligans parading with IS flags through the streets of The Hague and occupy bridges with Turkish flags in Rotterdam. This is our country, but waving their flags.
Look at their flags. And look at our flag. There is no Quranic text and no crescent. On our flag are red, white and blue stripes. The red of our identity, the white of our freedom and the blue of the truth. This is the time from house to house, from street to street and from municipality to municipality must be hoisted our flag. Everywhere. With pride. Because this is our land, our Netherlands! And the cries for liberation.

I will protect our beautiful country if I get the shots. And that can only happen if we de-Islamize. I want to make it to the core of my policy. Because I refuse this wonderful country of ours to break and I choose for our culture and the freedom of our people.

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