That deserves a flower: "I still live with doctor Jahrome '

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AD-readers were called to make their favorite doctor in the sun with a flower. And there en masse was given.


, My chances of survival were nil, so it is fortunate that I still am, '' said Ad Kroon (79) from Hantum in Friesland. ,, I would therefore like to thank Dr. Jahrome. He saved my life. ''

Crown is a large man with bright red cheeks, but five years ago it was quite different. An acutely aneurysm almost killed him. ,, I was gardening and suddenly felt terribly tired and my legs. "" Woman Tineke hit alarm and Crown was transported to the Medical Centre Leeuwarden, where he was operated on urgently.

Dr Abdel Karim Jahrome remember how it went. ,, The survival rate was small, because Mr. Kroon had weakened and had to undergo two very large emergency operations. So we decided to do the second surgery on the groin. Such a thing had never before been done here. "" The vascular surgeon was it really a team effort. ,, If the department had not worked at the highest level here, we could not just do that. '' Crown and Jahrome regularly see each other for control, but are talking about their shared passion for woodworking over that September day in 2011 .

Jahrome, laughing: ,, This man has so inspired me that I am doing woodwork now is itself "The Dapper Ad Crown now is enjoying life ,, When my wife and I go cycling, I look around me.. and I realize how special it is that I'm there yet. So do some of your life. you're there once. ''

A doctor who once does not dictate

Most doctors talk to your parents instead of against you, says Manon van der Hoeven (16) suddenly very often a year ago in the hospital.

She was hard of rings fallen during gym class. Excruciating pain in her left arm, a ambulancerit her uppie, sterile rooms, lab coats, surgery. ,, I was pretty scared, "says Dordrecht. In the huge academic hospital in Rotterdam also she did not feel immediately at ease. But there was Joost Colaris (40). The orthopedic surgeon at the Erasmus MC led not only to she her badly damaged elbow could use again, he was just a super doctor. ,, he listened to what I had to say, never looked at the clock, made drawings to explain the procedure and called hesitate once additional home to ask how I was doing. ''

Of course, says Dr. Colaris, or Joost. But Manon now so take the trouble to thank him this way, but what makes him. The 16-year-old is looking forward to for days at meeting her favorite doctor and they will not be disappointed. With a red blush and a smile from ear to ear, he takes her bouquet of flowers to. Just like a year ago when she him a superdoktermok "gave its last consultation. Which still adorns his room.

,, I think at least as great as operate the contact with patients. '' Manons story is still fresh in his memory. Also because she impressed him: ,, Two weeks after the operation, she was already on the bike to the hospital, I remember very well: so handsome! ''

Heat when disaster strikes

Two strokes had become her fatal in two days time. Suddenly. 56 years old. Ten days ago Edda Witsen left the intensive care unit of the Haaglanden Medical Center. Without her sister Francisca. Difficult to understand. She is devastated, still lives in a daze, but one thing Witsen knew they just had to thank Dr. Pauline Monastery. And now they enter that same fateful spot, with tears, but also happy to see the doctor again. Three kisses are handed as the flowers. ,, Pauline has done so much more than just care for my sister. She was so communicative, explained everything from how often that was needed. Left no doubt about choices that were made. "" Doctor Monastery must swallow. It was more than medical.

,, I was here at first only '' says Edda Witsen. ,, But it did not. She gave the correct dose of humanity, warmth. With proper distance. And they also took over all sorts of hassle off your hands: like the contact with my mother in the United States. ,, That should hear there, '' said intensive care physician Monastery. ,, But yes, of course it's fine as it is appreciated. ''

Certainly in a department where emotions often run high. ,, If it ends badly, you get to hear the doctor sometimes you killed someone. Understandable, but not fine, of course. ''

Witsen nods farewell after a while to a blue door: ,, Behind it was my sister ... "" Well, maybe this visit was a bit too intense so soon after her death. ,, But I'm very happy that I was able to tell Pauline what she has done for me. ''

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