Friends Robert Gerritsen used brute force to Wallen

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The brawl with Robert Gerritsen on September 3 at the Wallen died was very different than assumed long. The Friends of Gerritsen used during the more than ten-minute fight violence against three Romanians.


Shortly after the death of Gerritsen told police that he and his friends were peacemakers in a brawl between Eastern Europeans and a group of light-skinned men. That picture does not remain intact after examining camera images.

In reality, the group of friends seen from Barneveld, in Amsterdam a hen fourth, itself fully to participate in the fight, which could take more than ten minutes on the crowded Wallen.

Shows how over and over again fall hard knocks. The six Dutch give chase after an initial confrontation at the Major Bosshardt Bridge. Robert Gerritsen is one of them, five others are being prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor for public violence. Their lawyers do not respond.

Clearly visible is how at different times on the Romanian Marian-Valentin D. (22) and the brothers Mircu (21) and Stefanel M. (27) is beaten and kicked.

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The Romanians, held in early October in Brussels, have now been set free by the court because of their appeal to self-defense according to the court 'not as totally implausible should be discarded. "

Research is still whether the stroke which affects Gerritsen during the brawl, was caused by a blow he received shortly before he collapsed on the Oudezijdsachterburgwal.

By the Editors Parool Photo: Jean Pierre Jans


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