Lawyers Willem Holleeder amazed book sister Astrid

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Willem Holleeder's lawyers have with surprise at the publication of the book by Astrid Holleeder.


Lawyers Sander Janssen and Robert Malewicz write in a press statement on the website that they find it remarkable that Holleeder Astrid, the youngest sister of Willem Holleeder, with a book is while she refuses to testify at the trial court.

The case against Holleeder is largely built on incriminating statements that have made him the sisters along with his ex Sandra den Hartog. The interviews with the sisters since the summer reached an impasse.

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Sonja invoked at the first session of the new lawyers of her brother - Sander Janssen and Robert Malewicz - almost instantly on its privilege. Her lawyer had then know that sister Astrid would not answer.

Janssen and Malewicz also lashing out at the media who publish the story, while according to them "not there has been some measure of rebuttal. "The willingness of the pending criminal case to adopt the version of one party and display without asking critical questions and without wanting to explore what is the other side of the story, again shows astounding."

The book by Astrid Holleeder was published Saturday. She paints containing a picture of a family that is terrorized for thirty years, threatened and extorted by their own son and brother. The book takes place between 2012 and present, and is peppered with flashbacks to a past beyond the Jordan, where the family lived in the Egelantiersdwarsstraat.

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