"Amsterdam will fall flat with purchase new subway cars'

Gepubliceerd op 5 november 2016 om 14:09

Long or short subway cars, it makes much difference? Yes, say those involved, who warn that Amsterdam is likely to make a costly mistake for an estimated 200 million to buy a thirty short subway cars.


At the last minute a second opinion is now being exported to the wisdom of that order. The impetus for the million order Eric Wiebes gave in 2012, when he was alderman of Transport.

The current Minister of Finance provided substantial savings with 'medium' underground equipment. A reconstruction of Het Parool that the city council for years had not realized that Wiebes had made short work of the initial pursuit of tall, identical subway trains together.

Conflicting signals
That was partly because the decision took place in the Amsterdam City Region, a partnership of the capital and neighboring municipalities where drivers usually go about their business without outsiders there acknowledges.

Moreover Wiebe and the municipality of Amsterdam gave conflicting signals. Still, it was suggested in the spring of 2014 that no choice was made for shorter subways. In addition, the council was sleeping at times.

Pay more attention
"You may wonder whether the council careful when choosing shorter subways was reported," admits D66 Councillor Bart Vink. "But the council has never explicitly asked to choose, which had been due to a change now involved where money is involved I think."

This year the second opinion must be completed. Immediately after that should start the tender.

By the Editors Parool Photo: Rowin Ubink

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