Second suspect murder Chahid Yakhlaf's 'Big Head'

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Those suspected of Chahid Yakhlaf © Police the second suspect has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the liquidation of Amsterdam known criminal Chahid Yakhlaf the 26-year-old Mohamed H . from Rotterdam. In criminal circles he is known as 'Egg', 'Big Head' or 'Big Head'.


He stayed recently also settled in Antwerp.

He was arrested Thursday morning in his cell at the prison in Alphen aan den Rijn, where he was detained for another criminal case. The investigation suspects that he along with this week arrested Amsterdam former kickboxer Hicham M. (22) carried out the liquidation.

Chahid Yakhlaf, who had already committed a failed attempt in November 2014, was shot dead on New Year's Eve in 2015 when he rode with his brother Chafik and a friend in a white Mercedes camping in Gelderland Kerkdriel. He sat there in hiding for a long time because he feared for his life. After two men with automatic weapons were fired near the Mercedes, which still drove away, but Hoenzadriel Yakhlaf was so badly injured that his brother and friend rang the bell for help. Yakhlaf died in a hospital.

On May 22 2014 he was with underworld ringleader Martha Gwenette anticipated a grill room in Amstelveen, and Martha was liquidated with brute force.

With the arrest of Mr. Hicham and Mohamed H. hope to come tracing services close to a solution of the liquidation of Yakhlaf, though not close the investigation more arrests.

Following the arrests are searches in Amsterdam, Purmerend, Rotterdam and Antwerp.Thereby have been found, inter alia, level of beacons, which are also often used within the nether for example, to locate cars from rivals.

Tuesday police showed Investigation Requested television images of the liquidation of Yakhlaf and two days before. Then were seen two men hanging with automatic weapons at the entrance of the camp in Kerkdriel Yakhlaf where his brother was staying in a secure mobile home by themselves.

Whether these men are indeed Hicham M. and H. Mohamed, must emerge from further investigation.

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