Parking fees to be sick

Gepubliceerd op 5 november 2016 om 15:24

Car parking charges at hospitals run out of control, the Labour Party finds. Minister Schippers (Health) to examine where patients and visitors to dig deepest into their pockets, and why that is.


MP Lea Bouwmeester inquired into the parking fees that are used in hospitals. It is reported that especially Amsterdam hospitals to ask the grand prize, but also in the region ringing the cash register. "I do not understand why hospitals and parking companies money should earn sick people. And how do we check whether the rates are reasonable and parkers not be simply seen as a cash cow? "

A brief tour of teaches that Our Lady Hospital in Amsterdam where parking is pricey anyway, 4 euro charge per hour and 36 euros for a day pass. At the VU University Medical Centre in the capital, visitors have to pay converted 3.53 per hour. Outside Amsterdam it is considerably cheaper, but also has to be paid, for instance 2.70 for the first hour at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Dutch Height

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