"Without crown witness Peter la S. Fred R. and no liquidation process'

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Without the input of first Peter la S. Fred R. and later as crown witnesses there would have been no liquidation process Passage. Then, several statements were possibly never been elucidated and would murder might have gone. Also, it would not have succeeded to bring clients to court.


In the appeal are ten suspects, principals, agents and performers, on trial for their involvement in seven killings between 1993 and 2006. Some of them are also accused of plotting other settlements. The eleventh suspect, Ali Akgün, was shot dead late 2014 in Turkey.

Murder Broker
After all as a witness had stepped forward at first instance La S., joined the appeal also 'murder broker' Fred R. a deal with the Public Prosecutor. R., was sentenced by the court to thirty years, stated inter alia incriminating about Willem Holleeder, which shortly afterwards was arrested. Holleeder is in Passage unjustified, but is suspected of involvement in the murders of hashish dealer Kees Houtman and landlord Thomas van der Bijl in 2006. Both settlements are part of Passage.

The appeal in the vast murder trial started in 2013 and has so far confiscated some 140 sitting days. In all heard about 130 witnesses.

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