Council takes back cuts, more money for health care in the neighborhood

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The municipality will allocate several million to reverse some cuts of the districts. So more money goes towards care in the area, such as home meals and day-trip destinations for the elderly. Nearby rooms are saved in Southeast.


Udo Kock as alderman of Finance now takes his calculator and the state draws up the budget debate, he will conclude that the City Council has spent additional millions in two days. The most important measure is the halving of the cuts in the boroughs, to 7 million euros.

In addition, proposals adopted by the board to cushion the effects of the remaining cuts.This put annual 3 million euros for preventive care in the area, such as home meals, sports activities for the elderly and support for volunteers and carers. Of the 7 million in cuts to districts 1.6 million ended up in care. The Board will fix it and even puts money.

Make Reserves
According Femke Roosma GroenLinks recent years too many cut back on care in the neighborhoods. "I am pleased that the municipality will make a substantial investment," she says. Roosma expect better care near prevents flow vulnerable older people to more expensive care.

The College supports the plan, but not the financial coverage. To the horror of alderman Kock are the millions in the first two years removed from the care reserves and thereafter the college should find yourself looking for money in the budget.

The council also attracts 175,000 euros to prop up the three rooms near Southeast. Nearby rooms where residents can organize activities such as joint dinners, but also language lessons and debt, should close in a few weeks, since the grant of the empire was on.

Southeast District Council could not compensate for this loss, because of the cuts by the municipality. Last month, protesting workers at city hall against the approaching end and asked the council to intervene. That happened; the full board signed the proposal.

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More plans for investment

- 2 million extra for green in the city

- 3.2 million extra for enforcement, tackling litter and cleaning

- More free STI testing

- Cleaners hiring again

- Examine all legal possibilities to reduce Airbnb maximum rental period to thirty days

- Research on approach key companies in rental; Mediators do not abide by rules

- 1 million extra for street lamps with LED lighting

- Reduction contribution in Amsterdam's care

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