'Paper' foot 'of Amsterdam police invasion of privacy'

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Police tosses paper 'footsteps' inside in homes where windows or doors are open. A creative way to warn burglars, is the idea.


But privacy activists of Freedom Inc. show a violation of law by the device that should enforce that law.

It started with a piece on the Facebook page of the police in Amsterdam New West. An agent had found a burglary sensitive situation "was to climb a balcony and had residents through the open balcony door warnings yelled. Over there was a piece posted.

"This type of action '
Rejo Zenger, who Freedom Inc. infringements of fundamental rights examines saw wrongdoing. He asked the Amsterdam police under the Open Government Act to disclose all documents "such actions in the past five years.

A lawyer for the police said that the ascent of the balcony was an individual action. In round terms: "A creative and innovative situational prevention." Moreover, the lawyer added plenty of information about the White feet Actions.

White Feet Actions? These are actions which cops throwing paper handouts in the form of a footstep through open windows or doors. "This shoe print had a burglar may be ... ''s on.With links to information about intrusion prevention.

The property is the most sacred site, where someone needs to feel absolutely safe

Rejo Zenger, Freedom Inc.

It involves a nationwide "awareness campaign" light police spokesman Frans Zuiderhoek. "If we do these feet may throw in, can someone come in who has bad intentions. Then we want to alert residents. We are, moreover, not inside, but let's just those little feet through the kitchen window or window fall over."

Rejo Zenger takes the opposite or across the border. He sees it climbing onto a balcony or throwing inside a white foot through a window 'problematic'. "The home is the most sacred site, where someone needs to feel absolutely safe. The police should not just come."

Ring may after all. Zenger plans to look elsewhere. "If this is the daily practice turns out to be, I think there should be something done at the national level against. Then the National Police force management must take a position on this."

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