Father abducted Insiya Hemani: daughter stays in India 12 Nov 2016 11:17

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The father of the kidnapped toddler Insiya Hemani (2) refuses his daughter to reunite with her mother.


Shezad Hemani has let through his lawyer Gerard Spong on the mother's lawyer to know, writes The Telegraph Saturday. The kidnapping case appears to be stuck.

If the Amsterdam Nadia Rashid wants to see her daughter, she has to catch a plane to India. That's the only thing that the rich and powerful father allows her despite an international arrest warrant.

India has not reported the Amsterdam police to cooperate in this case. Now the case is deadlocked, Rashid and her lawyer Peter Plasman hope that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs takes action. The Insiya father is internationally identified and runs at any airport outside India to be arrested the risk.

The two-year Insiya was on September 29, forcibly abducted by three men from a house in Watergraafsmeer. One of the kidnappers was overpowered by a neighbor and immediately arrested by the police. The other two suspects were later arrested .

In late October it became clear that Insiya was taken to the Indian city of Mumbai . The girl would stay in the apartment of her grandmother.

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