Lodewijk Asscher wants to be prime minister

Gepubliceerd op 12 november 2016 om 11:35

Candidate leader of the Labour Party Lodewijk Asscher wants as his opponent Diederik Samson become prime minister.


This means, the Minister of Social Affairs Saturday in an interview with the Volkskrant .

During the extensive interview Asscher will not go into what PvdA leader Diederik Samson does in his poor, but what distinguishes them. "I am a more normative, value-driven politician. I have to say no qualms about what is good and what is not," says Asscher."Diederik is more of a pragmatist."

As an example, the former alderman of Finance of Amsterdam the issue Zwarte Piet: "In it I give clear my mind, as I did at that time also when I did wipe the Ramparts Most of Amsterdam was not with me, but they did.. there appreciate that I found something. "" Samson "has initially said that black Peter is black, but in the meantime he is for change," says Asscher.

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