Sinterklaas arrives in Maassluis

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Thousands of children waiting in the harbor of the picturesque town of Maassluis barely get something of the bizarre security measures around the arrival of Sinterklaas. Cheerful they swing, many dressed, with their flags and singing songs. A large pontoon is ready to receive Sinterklaas and his colorful helpers.


Maassluis taking no chances and has deposited the entire route with hundreds of runners and gates. Visitors not escape the scrutiny of one of the cops at the entrance many places.Even before they drive into town are the agents in a row on the access roads to check every vehicle.

Safety Precautions

Large trucks displays the route for possible death riders with mischief. At the Port and Market where Saint Nicholas as his seat will take place the public must pass through a lock and additional checks. A police helicopter and many cameras keep things extra eye.

At the railway station the train passengers were all monitored and checked and interrogated a few. There are an estimated 25,000 visitors expected. In specially designated boxes some pro-buck protesters have been reported.

"That it had to come to this'

However, the atmosphere is perfect, ask inhabitants of Maassluis. ,, It is actually since all were built yesterday cozy here. We slept great, everything has already been secured, "Marry says who lives along the way. It had to come so far that the whole city full of cops state calls them sad. ,, But the kids get nothing from me happy. "

Joanne and Remco from Maassluis walk around and see all the safety measures. ,, It Maassluis put it on the card with beautiful images later on TV. But with all that stuff around it did not have to do it for us. Although our two oldest children thrilled to find all those police. "

emergency Regulation

The municipality has an emergency ordinance for reasons of expected protests. Maassluis has been designated as safety area. The police may - if necessary - visitors stop and search.

The port and the quays along the inner harbor and the Town Hall Quay, like the docks closed in the center with fences. The Saint is expected with his steamboat around noon in the South Holland instead.

possible demonstrations

Opponents united in the action group Kick Out Zwarte Piet, have also announced that they are coming, but they have not been officially reported to the municipality. By preventing the action does Maassluis the protesters mingle with the audience.

All actions brought national police chief Erik pole Saturday to tweet: "Despite emergency ordinance, demonstratievak and detection gate, welcome #Sinterklaas with a result, lots of fun for the kids, successful colleagues." Prime Minister Mark Rutte called on Friday in response to the security measures "with do each other as normal. "

Entry on television

The entry can be seen live on television during an extended broadcast of the Sinterklaas News on NPO Zapp. The program surfaced this week in various colors helpers.

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