"More older death trap '

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Proposed cuts in osteoporosis drugs will inevitably lead to a sharp increase in the number of deaths among older people following a fall.


Which experts predict in the elderly. The largest organization of elderly Netherlands, BCE PCOB, and expect the VeiligheidNL expertise, because of this, until the year 2030, an increase of 77 percent in the number of deaths caused by a fall. ,, If it was going to fatalities, our country would be too small, "said CBE PCOB director Manon Vanderkaa.

In 2015, deceased 3267 people over 65 years from the effects of a fall, reports CBS.Annually, approximately 88,000 elderly people end up after a stumble incident at the emergency room.

,, The consequences of a fracture to the independence of older people are disastrous.Permanent admission to a nursing home is often the result, "says Vanderkaa. The Independent Expert Centre for pharmacotherapy in elderly (ephor) provides a greatly increased mortality of, as they say, ,, many tens of percents "among the elderly, when Minister Schippers (Health) has osteoporosis drugs from the basic package. Be the Netherlands Institute recommends that this measure.

Elderly ,, clinical pharmacologist will result not only increasingly be offended, but that it is more severe injury or even die from it, "responds to ephor, prof. Dr. Koos Brouwers. All that falling costs society a fortune. Just the direct healthcare costs are estimated at 780 million euros per year. Aging population, longer live at home and less social protection increases the valprobleem.

,, Netherlands has one to one and a half million patients with osteoporosis, "says Vanderkaa. ,, Medication is an essential part of botbreukpreventie. "

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