Crisis Approach Safety Region South Limburg fails

Gepubliceerd op 12 november 2016 om 12:37

The crisis approach has partly failed in the Safety South Limburg and must be renewed. That concludes the leadership of the security region based on the fire at the chemical company Chemelot last year. Writes De Limburger Saturday.


The extinguishing went well, but communication to the outside world left lot to be desired and there is too tightly to protocols, recognizes Annemarie Penn-te Strake, Mayor of Maastricht and chairman of the Safety. "Sometimes you can put aside those protocols. Also available in a crisis you just use your common sense and business rules in a practical way. "

During the fire, on 9 November 2015, was already known at 13.00 that the smoke was not toxic. It then took until 16:15 before the drivers that brought out. "Madness. A great example of that approach is inefficient, "says Penn.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Reuters

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