"Opponents black Piet stopped at Rotterdam

Gepubliceerd op 12 november 2016 om 12:57

A group of opponents of black Piet say they are not allowed by the police Maassluis. According to the spokesman for the campaign group Kick Out Black Peter are two buses with about 150 demonstrators stopped at Rotterdam.

ME-busjes in Maassluis.

,, We are almost immediately after departure followed by motorcycle cops. In Rotterdam we stopped and the buses were out. We can not go to Maassluis. We are not pleased with it.We now go to the Willemsplein in Rotterdam and there still trying to make a statement, '' said a spokeswoman.

According to police, the bus only stopped because now apply during the arrival of Sinterklaas special rules. ,, We have seen who is sitting in the coaches and what they are carrying. We now have contact with them about what they want exactly, '' said a spokeswoman.

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