Pechtold: I will not be intimidated

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D66 with 'stop populism. Alexander Pechtold argues that threatens a reverse political correctness: do not dare say it populists are no good.


D66 leader Alexander Pechtold has his dismay trumps election replaced by a mix of provocation and belligerence. According to him, let politicians and opinion makers too much their ears hang populists fear of being denounced as 'elite' or 'left', or getting the criticism that they do not know that lives among the people.

,, The so-called elite of politicians, columnists and commentators fighting each other on the square centimeter, or you can talk about populists. There is a crazy kind of political correctness, which is enforced by conservative Netherlands. We use the word 'extreme right' never again. If you're not careful, you play as a politician in your shell and you become numb. People dare to express it hardly because there is verbal abuse and harassment from the other side. Has reached the limit for me. I will not intimidate me anymore. "

Populism is in more fertile soil than nuance.
,, I would love people who have dropped out, engage in a new promise and thereby take their concerns seriously. It is no longer obvious that what you have achieved by working and saving also is reserved for children. Which is under pressure because the world is rapidly changing, competitive and complex. Politicians have done their best to keep intact our achievements, but they are not the fault of those changes. But you put together the shoulders or below or are you looking for a scapegoat? Populism does it last and do one unattainable promise after another. "

Right Europe expects a "patriotic spring 'election victories.
,, The language is so villainous. Patriotic, the narrowly nationalist thinking. People against each establishment has to polarization of the top shelf? "

Wilders gives you profile, jump into the hole that is not filled by others.
,, I do it, others cry. No, it is with me the ideas of the party and I personally to all my fibers feel, justice. Not keep my mouth shut when things happen. How long do we give it free rein, the shouting and discriminated down? I do not want to stand on the sidelines. I want to identify and combat what extreme. The election of Trump is the moment to say they do, but we do not. My main goal is that the Netherlands on March 16 does not wake up with such a result. "

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