American acquitted after 28 years in prison

Gepubliceerd op 15 november 2016 om 15:27

A man from Denver to 28 years in prison for rape was found Monday innocent. His conviction was partly because the victim had said at the time that his name came to her in a dream.


Clarence Moses-EL, who is now 60 years old, was sentenced in 1988 to imprisonment of 48 years for sexual assault and assaulting his neighbor. He kept denying that he was the perpetrator.

After all legal avenues had been exhausted, another prisoner wrote a letter to him saying that he was the culprit. The letter writer would have had sex with her neighbor and have beaten afterwards. This man's name was also mentioned by the neighbor at first, like the names of two other men. The prisoner who wrote the letter, was stuck for two other rapes.

The letter from the inmate led to a reopening of the case in which to judge the prosecutor Moses-EL tried again. The jury decided that the man is innocent. The neighbor keeps still insisted that Moses-EL is the culprit. She is "disappointed" that he is released.

"The victim's dream became a 28-year nightmare for my client," stated the acquitted man's lawyer. Who announced after the session that he is something nobody resents. However, he hopes that the legal system in the US, there will be a result of his case forward.

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